sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

Primera y última entrada de este Blog

Este blog nació y fue creado con la única intención de recoger en él las canciones que fueran apareciendo en la sección de Clásicos del espacio radiofónico Cielo Líquido (Canal Extremadura Radio).

Esta sección diaria de Cielo Líquido representaba el único momento nostálgico del programa; el único instante en el cual nos deteníamos para echar la vista atrás.En esta sección recuperábamos canciones del pasado que nos parecían importantes. Curiosamente, era una parte del programa que parecía ser muy apreciada por los oyentes.Estos fueron los temas que sonaron.

English: Cielo Liquido Classics was a section of my radio show which covered music that I had loved in the past.Find below the list of the songs which were played.


A HOUSE: Kick me again Jesus (EP) (Hip records.1987)

A NORTHERN CHORUS: Louder than love (LP Spirit flags) (2003.Sonic Unyon)

AC ACOUSTICS: I messiah, am jailer (LP Victory parts) (Elemental records.1997)

ACETONE: Every kiss (LP Acetone) (Vapor records.1997)

ADAM & THE ANTS: Ant music (LP Kings of the wild frontier) (Epic.1980)

ADAM SAID GALORE: Ben bear (LP The driver is red) (Redline records.1999)

ADAM’S CASTLE: The message (EP Selftitled) (2002.Tremolo feedback records)

ADEM: These are your friends (LP Homesongs) (Domino.2004)

ADORABLE: Glorious (LP Against perfection) (Creation.1993)

ADRIAN CROWLEY: Photographing lightning strikes (LP A northern country) (Misplaced music/Catchy go go.2004)

AEREOGRAMME: Zionist timing (EP White Paw) (Chemikal underground.2001)

AERIAL M: AASS (LP ST) (Drag city.1997)

AFGHAN WHIGS: Turn on the water (LP Congregation) (Subpop.1992)

AGENT ORANGE: Fire in the rain (LP This is the voice) (1986.Restless)

ALAMOS: Kill baby kill (LP ST) (Pet Piranha.2006)

THE ALBUM LEAF: The MP (LP One day I’ll be on time) (Tiger style.2001)

ALEXANDER TUCKER: Spout of light (LP Furrowed brow) (ATP recordings.2006)

ALL STATE CHAMPION: Your time is gold (LP Is it nothing to you) (Five one inc.2003)

ALTERED IMAGES: Dead pop stars (SG) (Epic.1981)

AM/FM: And then I got to thinking about the animals (LP Getting into sinking) (Polyvinyl.2001)

AMERICAN ALTITUDE: Handsome dead man (LP ST) (Slack tide records.2003)

THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET: A schoolboys' charm (LP The golden band) (Emperor Jones.1999)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL: Never meant (LP ST) (Polyvinyl.1999)

AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB: Can you help me? (LP San Francisco) (Reprise.1994)

AMINIATURE: Towner on the b-side (LP Depth five rate six) (Restless.1994)

THE AMPS: Bragging party (LP Pacer) (4AD.1995)

AMUNDSEN: Little deaths daily (LP Crypto fable pact) (Mekong Delta.2004)

AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE: Venosa (LP ST) (Invada.2004)

ANASTASIA SCREAMED: Get a load of that machine (LP Moontime)(Roughneck.1991)

ANATHALLO: The bruised reed (LP Floating world) (Nettwerk.2006)

AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD: A perfect teenhood (LP Madonna) (Merge) (1999)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: The softest voice (LP Sung tongs) (Fatcat.2004)

ANIMALS THAT SWIM: 50 dresses (EP) (Che.1992)

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY: You should all be murdered (Sarah.1989)

THE APARMENTS: What’s the morning for? (LP The evening visits & stays for years) (Twin/Tone.1985)

APPENDIX OUT: A path to our beds (LP The night is advancing) (Drag City.2001)

THE APPLESEED CAST: Forever longing the golden sunsets (LP Mare vitalis) (Deep elm.1999)

THE APPLES IN STEREO: You said that last night (LP Tone soul evolution) (Spin art.1997)

APPLIANCE: Pacifica (LP Manual) (Mute records.1992)

ARAB STRAP: The first big weekend (LP The week never starts round here) (Chemikal Undeground.1996)

ARCHERS OF LOAF: Assasination on christmas eve (LP All the nation's airports) (Alias.1996)

ARCWELDER: Paying respect (LP Everest) (Touch & go.1999)

THE ARMOURY SHOW: We can be brave again (LP Waiting for the floods) (1985.EMI/Parlophone)

ARNOLD: Fleas don't fly (LP Hillside album) (Creation.1998)

ART OF FIGHTING: Waiting (MLP Empty nights) (Half a cow.1999)

ASH: Petrol (MLP Trailer) (Infectious.1994)

THE ASSOCIATES: Party fears two (LP Sulk) (WEA.1982)

ATIVIN: Stations (LP German water) (Secretly Canadian.1999)

ATOMBOMBPOCKETKNIFE: Gamma rays forever (LP God save the ABPK) (Southern.2001)

AT THE DRIVE-IN: Sleepwalk capsules (LP Relationship of command) (Grand royal.2000)

AUGIE MARCH: Little wonder (LP Strange bird) (BMG.2002)

THE AU PAIRS: It’s obvious (LP Playing with a different sex) (Human records.1981)

THE AUTEURS: Some changes (LP How I learned to love the bootboys) (Hut.1999)

AUTOLUX: Blanket (LP Future perfect) (DMZ/Sony/BMG.2004)

AZTEC CAMERA: Walk out to winter (LP High land, hard rain) (1983.Sire/Rough Trade)


THE B-52'S. Lava (LP The B-52's) (Island.1979)

BABES IN TOYLAND: Mother (LP Fontanelle) (1992.Reprise)

BACKWATER: Shady (LP Angels are cool) (Che records.1996)

BADFINGER: Dennis (LP Wish you were here) (Warner Bros.1974)

BAILTER SPACE: Fused (LP Thermos) (Flying Nun.1990)

BALLBOY: I hate Scotland (LP Club anthems 2001) (SL records.2001)

BAND OF SUSANS: The pursuit of happiness (LP Love Agenda) (Blast first.1989)

BARDO POND: Test (LP On the ellipse) (ATP recordings.2003)

THE BARDOTS: English lovers (LP V-neck) (Ché.1995)

BARK PSYCHOSIS: A street scene (LP Hex) (Caroline.1994)

THE BATS: Jetsam (LP Fear of God) (Flying nun/Rough Trade.1992)

BAUHAUS: She's in parties (LP Burning from the inside) (Beggars Banquet.1983)

BEACHWOOD SPARKS: Something I don't recognize (LP Selftitled) (Sub pop.2000)

BEAR VS. SHARK: 5,6 kids (LP Terrorhawk) (Equal visión.2005)

BEATGLIDER: Fall into my arms (LP Forty days of summer) (Tube bar recordings.1999)

BEAT HAPPENNING: Tiger trap (LP You turn me on) (K records.1992)

THE BEATINGS: Two steps back (LP Italiano) (Midriff.2002)

THE BEATLES: Dear prudence (LP The white album) (EMI.1968)

BEATNIK FILMSTARS: Tearing apart my world (LP Laid back & english) (La-di-da.1994)

BEDHEAD: Parade (LP Transaction de novo) (Touch & go.1997)

BELL X1: In every sunflower (LP Music in mouth) (Island.2004)

BELLY: Feed the tree (LP Star) (4AD.1993)

BEN & JASON: Joe's ark (LP Hello) (Go beat.1999)

THE BESNARD LAKES: Skyscraper girls (LP Volume I) (2003.Breakglass)

THE BETA BAND: She's the one (EP) (Regal.1998)

BETTIE SERVEERT: Ray ray rain (LP Lamprey) (Matador.1995)

BEULAH: Gravity's bringing us down (LP The coast is never clear) (Shifty disco/Velocette.2001)

BIFF BANG POW!: Miss California toothpaste 1972 (LP Love is forever) (Creation.1988)

BIG DIPPER: Ron Klaus wrecked his house (LP Craps) (Demon/Homestead.1988)

BIG STAR: September gurls (LP Radio City) (Ardent records.1974)

THE BIGGER LOVERS: Threadbare (LP How I learned to stop worrying) (Munich.2001)

BIKINI ATOLL: Desolation highway (LP Moratoria) (Bella Union.2003)

BILLY MAHONIE: Glenda (LP The big dig) (Too pure.1999)

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY: The friend catcher (SG) (4AD.1980)

BITCH MAGNET: Crescent (LP Ben Hur) (The Communion Label.1990)

THE BITTER SPRINGS: Barbara/fading photo (LP Five die filming this lazy lark) (Vespertine.1998)

BIVOUAC: Good day song (LP Tuber) (Elemental.1993)

BLACK HEART PROCESSION: We always knew (LP Three) (Touch & go.2000)

BLACK NIELSON: The human strain (LP The seahorse boe) (Truck records.2003)

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Whatever happened to my rock'n'roll (LP ST) (Virgin.2002)

BLACK TAMBOURINE: Black car (EP By Tomorrow) (1991.Slumberland)

THE BLAKE BABIES: Sanctify (LP Sunburn) (Mammoth.1990)

BLONDE REDHEAD: Melody of certain three (LP Melody of certain damaged lemons) (Touch & go.2000)

THE BLUE AEROPLANES: Cardboard box (LP Beatsongs) (Ensign records.Chrysalis.1991)

THE BLUE NILE: The downtown lights (LP Hats) (Linn records.1989)

BLUE ORCHIDS: Disney boys (SG) (Rough Trade.1980)

BLUETIP: Polymer (LP Polymer) (Dischord.2000)

BLUMFELD: DrauBen auf kaution (LP L'etat et moi) (Big Cat.1995)

BOA MORTE: The maginot line (LP Soon it will come time to face the world outside) (Shoeshine records.2002)

BOARDS OF CANADA: Dayvan cowboy (LP The campfire headphase) (Warp.2005)

BOB TILTON: Nashville (LP The leading hotels of the world) (Southern.1999)

THE BODINES: William Shatner (LP Played) (Magnet.1987)

THE BOLSHOI: Monday morning (LP Friends) (1986.Beggars Banquet)

THE BONGOS: Zebra club (LP Drums along the Hudson) (1982.PVC records)

THE BOO RADLEYS: Does this hurt? (LP Everything's alright forever) (Creation 1996)

BOWERY ELECTRIC: Freedom fighter (LP Lushlife) (Beggars Banquet.2000)

BOYRACER: Buffalo (LP In full colour) (Zero Hour.1996)

BRAID: My baby smokes (LP The age of octeen) (Mud records.1996)

BRAINIAC: This little piggy (LP Hissing prigs in static couture) (Touch & go.1996)

THE BREEDERS: Cannonball (LP Last splash) (4AD.1993)

BRENDAN BENSON: Tiny sparks (LP Lapalco) (Startime intal.2002)

BRIAN ENO: Needle in the camel’s eye (LP Here comes the warm jets) (1974.Island)

THE BRILLIANT CORNERS: Friday Saturday Sunday Monday (LP Somebody up There Likes Me) (Mcqueen.1988)

BRITISH SEA POWER: Remember me (LP The decline of...) (Rough Trade.2003)

BROCCOLI: Sleep tight (LP Home) (Rugger Bugger.1998)

BROKEN DOG: Well of comfort (LP Sleeve with hearts) (Piao!.1999)

BROKEN FLIGHT: Untitled (EP Ray of youth) (Land & sea records.2003)

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE: Stars and sons (LP You forgot it in people) (Arts & Crafts.2002)

BUFFALO TOM: Birdbrain (LP Birdbrain) (Situation two/Beggars Banquet.1990)

BUILT TO SPILL: Big dipper (LP There's nothing wrong with love) (Up records.1994)

BULLET UNION: Sant Feliu (LP Ruin's domino) (Jealous.2004)

BURNING AIRLINES: Paper crowns (LP Identikit) (Desoto records.2001)

THE BUTTERFLIES OF LOVE: Mt Everest (LP How to know) (Pinnacle/Secret seven.1999)

BUTTERFLY CHILD: Lunar eclipse (LP Onomatopeia) (Rough Trade.1993)

THE BUZZCOCKS: Ever fallen in love (SG.1978)

THE BYRDS: Eight miles high (LP Fifth dimension) (Columbia.1966)


CABLE: Blindman (LP Down-lift the up-trodden) (Infectious records.1996)

CACTUS WORLD NEWS: The bridge (LP Urban beaches) (1986.MCA)

CALE PARKS: Fearsome opponent (LP Illuminated manuscript) (2006.Polyvinyl)

CALLA: Play dead (LP Collisions) (Beggars Banquet.2005)

CAN: Oh Yeah (LP Tago Mago) (Mute.1971)

CANDIDATE: Barrel of fear (LP Nuada) (Snowstorm.2002)

CANE 141: The grand lunar (LP Garden tiger moth) (Decor.2001)

CANYON: Sleepwalker (LP Empty rooms) (Gern Blandsten.2002)

CAPE CANAVERAL: Return of romance (MLP Driving all night) (Seismic.2002)

CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS: Breather (LP Simplicity) (Dischord.1998)

CAPITOL K: Anon (LP Island row) (XL.2002)

CAP’N JAZZ: Scary kids scaring kids (LP Analphabetapolothogy) (Jade tree.1998)

CARETAKER: Hidden agenda (MLP Caretaker) (Fierce Panda.2001)

CARISSA’S WEIRD: The ghost of a dead hummingbird flying around the room (LP You should be at home here) (Hardly art.2001)

THE CARS: It's all I can do (LP Candy-O) (Elektra.1979)

THE CASKET LOTTERY: The bridge (LP Survival is for cowards) (Second nature.2002)

CASTANETS: No light to be found (LP Cathedral) (Asthmatic kitty.2004)

CAT ON FORM: Set them on fire with their own matches (LP Structure and fear) (Southern.2003)

CAT POWER: No sense (LP Moon pix) (Matador.1998)

CATHERINE WHEEL: Shallow (EP Painful thing) (Wilde Club records.1991)

CAVE IN: Lost in the air (LP Antenna) (RCA/BMG.2003)

THE CHAMELEONS: Up the down scalator (LP The Chameleons ) (Statik records.1983)

CHAPTERHOUSE: Breather (LP Whirpool) (Dedicated 1991)

CHAVEZ: Repeat the ending (SG) (Matador.1994)

CHEEPSKATES: I believed in you (LP It wings above) (1988.Music maniac)

CHERUBS: The kiss all morning (LP Uncovered by heartbeat) (Cargo records.2004)

CHEWY: All over the place (MLP ST) (Fierce Panda.1999)

CHICANE: When the truth hits home (LP Firebombs) (Faith records.1992)

THE CHILLS: Heavenly pop hit (LP Submarine bells) (Slash/1990)

CHINOOK: Love dumps on the pigeon lord (EP Answering) (Bearos.2006)

CHIN UP CHIN UP: Falcons and vulcans (LP We should have never lived like we were skyscrapers) (Flameshovel.2004)

THE CRIMEA: Lottery winners on acid (LP Tragedy rocks) (2004.Warner)

CHRIS BELL: Speed of sound (LP I am the cosmos) (Rykodisc.1992)

THE CHURCH: The unguarded moment (LP The Church) (1982.Epic/Carrere records)

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH: The skin of my yellow country teeth (LP ST) (Selfreleased)

THE CLASH: London calling (LP London calling) (Epic.1979)

THE CLEAN: Stars (LP Getaway) (Matador.1991)

CLEARLAKE: Don't the let the cold in (LP Lido) (Domino.2001)

CLINIC: Cement mixer (LP ST) (Domino rec.co.1999)

CLOCK STRIKES THIRTEEN: Remember to forget (to remember) (LP Ever decreasing circles) (Drive-in records/Liquefaction empire.2000)

CLOSE LOBSTERS: Just too bloody stupid (LP Foxheads stalk this land) (Fire records.1987)

CLUE TO KALO: Seconds when it's minutes (LP One way, it's every way) (2005.Mush records/The Leaf label)

COCTEAU TWINS: Lorelei (LP Treasure) (4AD.1984)

CODE BLUE: Face to face (LP Code Blue) (1980.Warner)

CODEINE: Sea (LP The White birch) (1994.Subpop)

COLDHARBOURSTORES: Hold (LP More than the other) (Rocket girl.2002)

THE COLDSPOON CONSPIRACY: How many t's in bloodletting? (LP Plays well with others) (Vernacular.2003)

COME: In/out (LP Don't ask don't tell) (Matador.1994)

COMET: Rocket flare (LP Chandelier musings) (Dedicated.1997)

COMPULSION: Question time for the proles (LP The future is medium)(One little indian.1996)

THE COMSAT ANGELS: Eye of the lens (SG) (Polydor.1981)

CONSONANT: Little murders (LP Love & Affliction) (Fenway recordings.2003)

THE CONSTANTINES: On to you (LP Shine a light) (Sub pop.2003)

THE CONTRAST: Mistery #1 (LP Mistery #1) (Rainbow quartz.2000)

THE CONVOCATION OF…: Solitaire (LP ST) (Gold Standard Laboratories.2000)

THE CORN DOLLIES: Map of the world (LP Selftitled) (Midnight music.1988)

CORNERSHOP: Looking for a way in (LP Woman’s gotta have it) (Wiiija.1995)

COTTON MATHER: Password (LP Kontiki) (Rainbow quartz.1999)

COWBOY JUNKIES: Misguided angel (LP The Trinity session) (1987.RCA)

CRANEBUILDERS: You're song (EP You're song) (Skinny dog records/Ten people tell.2002)

CRASHLAND: Standard love affair (LP Glued) (Independiente.2000)

CREEPER LAGOON: Dreaming again (LP I become small and go) (Nickelbag.1998)

CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION: Six bells chime (LP Room of lights) (1986.Mute)

THE CROCKETTS: 1939 returning (LP The great brain robbery) (Blue dog records.2000)

CROWSDELL: W.C.Haley (LP Within the curve of an arm) (Big Cat.1997)

CUD: Love mandarin (LP Leggy mambo) (Imaginary.1990)

THE CURE: Primary (LP Faith) (Fiction.1981)

CURVE: Think and act (LP Dopplegänger) (Anxious.1992)

THE CZARS: Zippermouth (LP Before…but longer) (Bella Union.2000)


DAKOTA SUITE: Chapel rain (LP Morning lake forever) (2000.Glitterhouse/Houston Party)

THE DAMBUILDERS: Dose (EP Tough guy problem) (Spin art.1994)

DAMIEN JURADO: Curbside (LP Rehearsals for departure) (Sub pop.1999)

DAMIEN RICE: Cannonball (LP O) (14th floor.2003)

THE DAMNED: Neat, neat, neat (LP Damned, damned, damned) (Stiff.1977)

DANIEL JOHNSTON: Rock 'n' roll/ega (LP Fun) (Atlantic.1994)

DARYL-ANN: Stay (LP Seaborne west) (Hut/Virgin.1995)

DAVID BOWIE: Heroes (LP Heroes) (1977.EMI)

DAVID KITT: Strange light in the evening (LP The big romance) (Warner.2001)

DAWN OF THE REPLICANTS: Diggin' bear (EP All that cheyenne caboodle) (East West/Warner 1997)

THE DB'S: Never say when (LP The sound of music) (IRS.1987)

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE: Why you'd want to live here (LP The photo album) (Barsuk.2001)

DEATH IN JUNE: Last farewell (LP Nada!) (1985.Neroz)

THE DECEMBERISTS: The gymnast, high above the ground (LP Her Majesty) (Kill rock stars.2003)

DEERHOOF: The moose’s daughter (LP Holdy paws) (Kill rock stars.1999)

DEGRASSI: Air force one (EP Demo) (Selfreleased.2000)

THE DELGADOS: Strathcona slung (LP Domestiques) (Chemikal underground.1997)

DELICATESSEN: Psycho (MLP There's no confusing some people) (Viper.1998)

DELORIS: Killing shoguns (LP The pointless gift) (Scientific Laboratories.2002)

DEPARTMENT S: Going left right (SG) (Stiff records.1981)

DEPECHE MODE: The sun & the rainfall (LP A broken frame) (1982.Mute)

DE ROSA: Cathkin braes (LP Mend) (Chemikal underground.2006)

DERRERO: Old grey skies (LP Comb the breaks) (Sylem records.2002)

DESAPARECIDOS: Greater Omaha (LP Read music speak spanish) (Wichita/Saddle Creek.2002)

DESERT CITY SOUNDTRACK: Murderhearts (MLP Contents of distraction) (Deep elm.2003)

DESERT HEARTS: No more art (LP Let's get worse) (Tugboat.2001)

THE DETACHMENT KIT: Dead angels make slow sound (LP They raging, quiet army) (The Self-starter foundation/Spinart records.2002)

DEUS: Hotellounge (LP Worst case scenario) (Island.1994)

DEVASTATIONS: The night I couldn’t stop crying (LP Coal) (Beggars Banquet.2005)

DEVICS: Form (LP If you forget me) (1998.Splinter records)

DEVO: Girl U want (LP Freedom of choice) (Warner.1980)

DETWIIJE: La guerre des mondes (LP Would you be rather be followed by forty ducks for the rest of your life?) (Gizeh records.2005)

DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS: Geno (LP Searching for the soul young rebels) (EMI.1980)

DIANOGAH: Take care, Olaf (LP Millions of brazilians) (Southern records.2002)

DIESEL PARK WEST: All the myths on Sunday (LP Shakespeare Alabama) (1989.EMI)

DIRTY LOOKS: 12 O'clock high (LP ST) (Stiff records.1980)

DIRTY THREE: Sea above, sky below (LP Ocean songs) (Touch & go.1998)

DISASTER PLAN: Communication vs communication (LP Reality correctors one throught twelve) (Sensory Projects.2004)

THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN: What do you want me to say? (LP Emergency & I) (Desoto.1999)

DO MAKE SAY THINK: Auberge le mouton noir (LP Winter hymn, country hymn, secret hymn) (Constellation.2003)

DON CABALLERO: Cold knees (in April) LP Don Caballero 2) (Touch & go.1995)

DONE LYING DOWN: Just a midemeanor (LP John Austin Rutledge) (Abstract sounds.1994)

DOVES: N.Y. (LP The last broadcast) (Capitol.2002)

DREAM CITY FILM CLUB: Nerveshot (LP In the cold light of morning) (Beggars Banquet.1999)

DREAM SYNDICATE: Tell me when it's over (LP The days of wine and roses) (Slash.1982)

DRIVE: Atmospheric pressure (LP Out freakage) (First strike records.1991)

DRIVE LIKE JEHU: Golden brown (LP Yank crime) (Interscope/Elemental.1994)

DROP NINETEENS: Winona (LP Delaware) (1992.Caroline)

THE DUDLEY CORPORATION: Score (LP The lonely world of...) (Scientific Laboratories.2001)

THE DUKES OF HANG-GLIDING: Ten minutes older (LP My cinema) (Snowstorm.2000)

THE DURUTTI COLUMN: Sketch for summer (LP The return of The Durutti Column) (1979.Factory records)


THE EARLIES: Wayward song (LP These were the earlies) (Secretly Canadian.2004)

EARLIMART: We’re so happy (we left the piano in the truck) (LP Everyone down here) (2003.Palm pictures)

EARLY DAY MINERS: Errance (LP Al harm ends here) (Secretly Canadian.2005)

THE EARLY YEARS: (LP ST) (2006.Beggars Banquet)

EARWIG: Stain (LP Perfect past tense) (Lizard family music.1999)

EAST RIVER PIPE: Down 42nd street to the light (LP The gasoline age) (Merge.1999)

EASTERHOUSE: To live like this (LP Contenders) (Cherry red.1986)

EASTERN LANE: Dead july (LP Shades of black) (Rough Trade.2003)

EASY: Empty foxhole (LP Sun years) (Snap.1994)

EAT: Tombstone (Sell me a god) (1989.Fiction)

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Rescue (LP Crocodiles) (Korova records.1980).

ECONOLINE: I'm plagued (LP Music is stupid) (Seriously groovy.2001)

ED KUEPPER: Standing in the cold, in the rain (LP Everybody’s got to) (1988.Hot productions)

THE EDSEL AUCTIONEER: Undertow (LP Simmer) (1992.Decoy)

18TH DYE: Poolhouse blue (LP Tribute to a bus) (1996.Matador/Ché records)

ELASTICA: Stutter (LP Elastica) (Deceptive.1995)

ELBOW: Newborn (EP Newborn) (2000.Uglyman).

ELECTRIC MUSIC: Gin Palace (LP North London spiritualist church) (Zubizaretta/Grand Royal.2000)

ELEVATE: DNA mix (LP The architect) (Flowershop recordings.1996)

ELEVENTH DREAM DAY: Two smart cookies (LP Eight) (Thrill Jockey.1997)

ELF POWER: Jane (LP A dream in sound) (Arena rock re.co.1999)

EL HOMBRE TRAJEADO: Dig this big crux (LP Saccade) (Human condition.2001)

ELLIOTT: Lie close (LP False cathedrals) (2000.Revelation records)

ELLIOT SMITH: Ballad of big nothing (LP Either/or) (Domino rec.co.1998)

EMETREX: I feel so bad (EP The birds your brothers) (2000.Seriously groovy)

EMPEROR OF ICECREAM: Again & again (EP William) (Blow discs.1994)

EMPRESS: If no hope (LP ST) (Geographic.2000)

ENGINE DOWN: Taken in (LP Demure) (Lovitt.2002)

ERASE ERRATA: Marathon (LP Other animals) (Troubleman unlimited.2001)

ERIC MATTHEWS: Hop and tickle (LP It’s heavy in here) (Sub pop.1995)

ERIC'S TRIP: Feeling around (LP Forever again) (Sub pop.1994)

ESCANNA: Re-sale (LP split You're smiling now but we'll all turn into demons) (Jazzbeard records.2003)

ESKA: From springboard to highdive (LP Invent the fortune) (2000.Gringo records)

ESTER DRANG: No one could ever take your face (LP Infinite keys) (Jade tree.2003)

EUGENIUS: Breakfast (LP Oomalama) (Paperhouse records.1992)

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY: Have you passed through this night? (LP Those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever) (Temporary residence.2001)


FABRIC: Value (LP Body of water) (Wiiija.1994)

TH’ FAITH HEALERS: Heart fog (LP Imaginary friend) (Too Pure.1993)

THE FALL: Spoilt victorian child (LP This nation's saving grace) (Beggars Banquet.1985)

THE FAMILY CAT: Airplane gardens (LP Magic happens) (Dedicated.1993)

THE FATIMA MANSIONS: Viva Dead Ponies (LP Viva Dead Ponies) (Kitchenware.1990)

THE FELT: All the people I like are those that are dead (LP Forever breathes the lonely word) (Creation/Cherry red.1986)

THE FIELD MICE: Sensitive (LP Coastal) (Sarah.1991)

FILM SCHOOL: On & On (LP ST) (Beggars Banquet.2006)

FIRE ENGINES: Meat whiplash (SG) (Pop aural.1981)

FIVER: This is up (LP Strings for satellites) (Fierce Panda.2002)

FLAKE MUSIC: Mieke (LP When you land here, it's time to return) (Omnibus.1997)

FLAMING LIPS: She don't use jelly (LP Transmissions from the satellite heart) (1993.Warner)

THE FLAMING STARS: Sixteen coaches long (LP Pathway) (Vinyl Japan.1999)

THE FLATMATES: I could be in heaven (SG) (Subway.1986)

FLYING NUNS: Submarine (EP Pilot) (Matador.1995)

FLYING SAUCER ATTACK: My dreaming hill (LP ST) (VHF/Heartbeat.1993)

FOG: Pneumonia (LP ST) (Ninja Tune.2002)

FOIL: Claremont junction optimist (LP Never got hip) (Mute.2000)

THE FOLK IMPLOSION: Insinuation (LP Dare to be surprised) (The Communion Label.1997)

THE FOR CARNATION: Grace beneath the pines (EP Fight songs) (Matador.1995)

THE FORMS: Innizar (LP Icarus) (Threespheres.2003)

FOURTH QUARTET: A blank document (LP How the swiss wrestle) (Words & works rejected)

THE FRAMES: Headlong (LP For the birds) (Plateau records.2001)

THE FRANK & WALTERS: Happy busman (LP Trains, boats and planes) (Setanta.1993)

FRENCH KICKS: Sunday night is fair (LP One time bells) (2003.Star time international)

FRETBLANKET: What do you know (EP Curtainsville) (1993.Neck mohican)

FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ: Dusk (LP Random harvest) (Narnack records.2004)

FROM MONUMENT TO MASSES: Comrades & friends (LP The impossible leap in one hundred simple steps) (2003.Dim mak records)

FUCK: Tether (LP Pardon my french) (Matador.1997)

FUGAZI: Blueprint (LP Repeater) (Dischord.1990)

THE FUTURE KINGS OF ENGLAND: Silent and invisible converts (LP ST) (Backwater.2005

FUTURE KINGS OF SPAIN: One look (LP ST) (The red flag rec.co.2002)

FUZZBIRD: Life (LP Welcome to Santa's Sex shop) (Mook records.1997)

FUZZY: Flashlight (LP Fuzzy) (Seed.1994)


GABERDINE: Rush hour (LP Thin wire transport) (Selfreleased.2004)

GALAXIE 500: When will you come home (LP On fire) (Rykodisc.1989)

GAME THEORY: Curse of the frontier land (LP Real nightime) (Rational records.1985)

GANGER: Cats, dogs and babies jaws (LP Hammock style) (Domino/Merge.1998)

GANG OF FOUR: At home he's a tourist (LP Entertainment!) (1979.EMI/Warner)

GARAGELAND: Nude star (Last exit to Garageland) (Discordant records.1997)

GARY MYRICK & THE FIGURES: Tattooed on my forehead (LP Living in a movie) (Epic.1981)

GARY NUMAN: Cars (LP The pleasure principle) (Beggars Banquet.1979)

GEMMA HAYES: I wanna stay (LP Night on my side) (Source records.2002)

THE GENA ROWLANDS BAND: Kong meets his maker (EP Trailer) (Autoclave.2003)

GENERATION X: Triumph (LP Kiss me deadly) (1981.Chrysalis)

THE GERALDINE FIBBERS: Dragon lady (LP Lost somewhere between the earth and my home) (Hut.Virgin.1995)

GERLING: Ghost patrol (LP Children of telepathic experiences) (1998.Festival)

GERSEY: Baby you're strange girl (LP Storms dressed as stars) (Trifekta.2002)

THE GET-UP KIDS: The company dime (LP Something to write home about) (Vagrant.1999)

GIGOLO AUNTS: Cope (LP Flippin' out) (Fire.1993)

GIRLBOY GIRL: Should we or shouldn't we? (LP Fresco) (Black bean & placenta records.2000)

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS: Psychic know-how (LP Cruise yourself) (Touch and go.1995)

GIRLS AT OUR BEST: Waterbed babies (LP Pleasure) (1981.Cherry red)

THE GO-BETWEENS: Cattle and cane (LP Before Hollywood) (1983.Rough Trade)

THE GODFATHERS: This damn nation (LP Hit by hit) (1986.Corporate image)

GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!: Murray Ostril: They don’t sleep anymore on the beach (LP Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven) (Kranky.2000)

GODSTAR: Days gone by (LP Sleeper) (1993.Taaang!)

THE GO-GO’S: Head over heels (LP The beauty and the beat) (1981.IRS)

GOMEZ: Tijuana lady (LP Bring it on) (Hut.1998)

GOODTIME JOHN: By the shelf it sits on (LP I’ll sing ‘til the sun turns cold) (Volta sounds.2004)

GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI: Sometimes the father is the son (LP Barafundle) (Mercury records.1997)

G-PLAN: Five steps to tyranny (LP All roads lead to this) (Selfreleased.2004)

GRAMMATICS: Polar Swelling (LP ST) (Dance to the radio.2009)

GRANDADDY: Everything beautiful is far away (LP Under the western freeway) (Big cat 1997)

GRAND SALVO: In the morning (LP The Temporal Wheel) (Preservation.2005)

GRANT LEE BUFFALO: Fuzzy (LP Fuzzy) (Slash.1993)

THE GRAPES OF WRATH: Stay (LP Now and again) (Capitol.1989)

GRAVENHURST: The ice tree (LP Flashlight seasons) (Warp.2004)

THE GREENBERRY WOODS: Trampoline (LP Rapple dapple) (Sire/Reprise.1994)

GREEN ON RED: That’s what dreams were made for (LP Gas food lodging) (Enigma.1985)

GRENADINE: Drama club (LP Nopalitos) (Simple Machines.1994)

THE GRIFTERS: Happy (LP Full blown possession) (Sub pop.1997)

GRIZZLY BEAR: Deep sea diver (LP Horn of plenty) (2004.Kanine records)

GROOP DOGDRILL: Mummy's little soldier (LP Every six seconds) (Mantra.2000)

GROUPER: Second win, zombie skin (LP Way their crept) (2005.Free Porcupine)

GUADALCANAL DIARY: Why do the heathen rage? (LP Walking in the shadow of the big man) (Electra.1985)

GUIDED BY VOICES: Tractor rape chain (LP Bee thousand) (Matador.1994)

THE GUN CLUB: Bad America (LP The Las Vegas story) (Animal.1984)

GUV'NER: Stone's throw (LP The Hunt) (Merge.1996)


THE HALO BENDERS: Virginia reel around the fountain (LP The rebel’s not in) (K.1998)

HAPPY MONDAYS: Wrote for luck (LP Bummed) (Factory.1988)

THE HARDSHIP POST: Colourblind (EP Hack) (1993.Murder records)

THE HARVEST MINISTERS: A drowning man (LP A feeling mission) (Setanta.1995)

HEAD OF FEMUR: 80 steps to Jonah (LP Ringodom or proctor) (2003.Greyday productions)

HELIUM: Silver angel (LP The dirt of luck) (Matador. 1995)

HELL IS FOR HEROES: Slow song (LP The neon handshake) (EMI.2003)

HERMAN DÜNE: Pukka (LP Switzerland heritage) (Prohibited records.2001)

THE HIGH: Box set go (LP Somewhere soon) (London.1990)

HIRAMEKA HI-FI: No pictures (LP A proud tradition of failure) (1999.Xtreme sports records/Gringo records)

HOFMAN: Follow the ambulance (EP Reach around Hofman) (Vibrations from the edge of sanity.1998)

THE HOLLOW MEN: November comes (LP Cresta) (Arista/BMG.1990)

HOLOPAW: Cinders (LP ST) (Sub pop.2003)

HOME: Burden (LP XIV) (Cooking vinyl.2000)

HOOD: They removed all trace that anything had ever happened here (LP Cold house) (Domino.2001)

HOODOO GURUS: I want you back (LP Stoneage romeos) (Demon records.1984)

HOPE OF THE STATES: Black dollar bills (LP The lost riots) (Sony.2004)

HOPEWELL: Safe as milk (LP The curved glass) (Tin drum/Cutty shark.2001)

HOT SNAKES: Tenth planet (LP Automatic midnight) (1999.Swami)

THE HOUSE OF LOVE: Christine (LP The house of love) (Creation.1988)

HOWIE BECK: Serves you right (LP Hollow) (Easy tiger.2001)

HUGGY BEAR: Immature adolescence (LP Weaponry listens to love) (Wiiija.1995)

HUGO LARGO: Jungle Jim (LP Mettle) (Opal.1989)

HUM: Stars (LP You’d prefer an astronaut) (RCA.1995)

THE HUMMINGBIRDS: She knows (LP Love Buzz) (RooArt.1990)

HUNDRED HANDS: A replay (MLP Little eyes) (Deep Elm records.2001)

HURRAH: Better time (LP Tell God I'm here) (1987.Kitchenware)

HÜSKER DÜ: Standing in the rain (LP Warehouse:songs and stories) (Warner.1987)

HYPNOLOVEWHEEL: What's going on (LP Angel food) (Alias records.1992)


THE ICICLE WORKS: In the cauldron of love (LP ST) (Beggars Banquet 1984)

IDAHO: Happy times (LP Hearts of palm) (Idahomusic.2000)

IDLEWILD: Satan Polaroid (MLP Captain) (Deceptive.1998)

IKARA COLT: At the lodge (LP Chat and business) (Fantastic Plastic.2002)

I LOVE YOU BUT I'VE CHOSEN DARKNESS: Your worst is your best (EP ST) (Emperor Jones.2003)

IMMENSE: Glass eye (LP Evil ones and zeros) (Fat cat.1999)

INNER SLEEVE: Smile (LP Looking up) (Fierce Panda.2001)

INOUK: Search for the bees (LP No danger) (Say hey records.2004)

IN PRAISE OF FOLLY: Back & forth (LP The present age) (Lujo.2003)

INSPIRAL CARPETS: She comes in the fall (LP Life) (Mute records.1990)

INTER: Cherry red electric blue (LP Got my nine) (Yoshiko.2000)

INTERNATIONAL KARATE: Lazy for you (LP A monster in soul) (Sensory projects.2004)

INTERPOL: PDA (LP Turn on the bright lights) (Matador.2002)

THE INTERPRETERS: Today and every day (LP Back in the U.S.S.A) (Fireworld recordings.1997)

INTO PARADISE: Burn my skin (SG) (Ensign.1991)

IRON & WINE: Weary memory (LP The creek drank the cradle) (Sub pop.2002)

IRRADIO: Platonic (LP Semantic noise) (Lola records)

IVORY SPRINGER: The submariner song (MLP Thirty two points on a compass) (Purr records.2003)


JACK: Dress you in the morning (LP Pioneer soundtracks) (Too Pure.1996)

JACOB'S MOUSE: Twist (LP No fish shop parking) (Blithering idiot/Frontier.1991)

JETS TO BRAZIL: King medicine (LP Orange rhyming dictionary) (1998.Jade tree)

THE JAM: Away from the numbers (LP In the city) (1977.Polydor/Universal)

JAMES YORKSTON & THE ATHLETES: Hotel (LP Just beyond the river) (Domino rec.co.2004)

THE JAMES ORR COMPLEX: Slip into slumber (EP Figa) (Rock action.2001)

JAMES SUMMERFIELD: Son ‘o’ gold (LP Paint the road) (General.2005)

JANUARY: Falling in (LP I heard myself in you) (Poptones.2001)

JAPAN: Ghosts (LP Tin drum) (Virgin.1981)

JARCREW: Defacto symphony (LP ST) (Gut records.2003)

JASON LOEWENSTEIN: I'm a shit (LP At sixes and sevens) (Domino.2002)

JAWBOX: Mirrorful (LP Jawbox) (Desoto.1996)

JAWBREAKER: Outpatient (LP 24 hour revenge therapy) (1993.Caroline)

THE JAZZ BUTCHER: The word I was looking for (LP Big planet scarey planet) (Creation.1989)

JEFF BUCKLEY: Mojo pin (LP Grace) (Sony/Columbia.1994)

JEFF MARTIN: Make change (LP Spoons) (Casino gravity.2004)

JELLICOE: Arcade superhero (LP As brave as we could be) (Do-little records.2001)

JELLYFISH: The king is half undressed (LP Bellybutton) (Charisma.1990)

JENIFEREVER: The sound of beating wings (LP Choose a bright morning) (2006.Drowned in sound)

JESUS & MARY CHAIN: Just like honey (LP Psychocandy) (1985.Blanco y Negro.WEA)

THE JESUS LIZARD: Pastoral (LP Head) (Touch & go.1990)

THE JESUS YEARS: I’d wrestle a crab for a cooker (MLP Are Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) (The audacious art experiment.2004)

JETPLANE LANDING: Atoms dream in technicolour (LP Zero for conduct) (Smalltown America.2003)

JIM O'ROURKE: Women of the world (LP Eureka) (Domino re.co.1999)

JOAN OF ARSE: At the feet of St.Peter (LP Distant hearts, a little closer) (Scientific laboratories.2001)

JOHN FOXX: Underpass (LP Metamatic) (Virgin.1980)

JONATHAN FIRE EATER: Give me daughters (MLP Tremble under boom lights) (Deceptive.1996)

JOSEF K: Revelation (LP The only fun in town) (Postcard.1981)

JOSH ROUSE: Directions (LP Home) (Slow river/Rykodisc.2000)

JOY DIVISION: Disorder (LP Unknown pleasures) (Factory 1981)

JR EWING: Repetition is failure (LP Ride Paranoia) (Gold standard laboratorios.2003)

JULIAN COPE: Hanging out and hung up on the line (LP Peggy suicide) (Island.1991)

JULIAN FANE: Darknet (LP Special forces) (Planet mu.2004)

JULIANA HATFIELD: Dumb fun (LP Only everything) (East west/WEA.1995)

THE JUNE BRIDES: In the rain (SG) (1984.Pink records)

JUNE OF 44: Have a safe trip, dear (LP Engine takes to the water) (Quarterstick.1995)

THE JUNKET: Night with red (LP Lux safari) (2000.Lime street records)

JUNO: Covered with hair (LP A future lived in past tense) (2001.Desoto)


K.C. ACCIDENTAL: Them (pop song #3333) (EP Anthems for the could’ve bin pills) (Noise Factory.2000)

KEPLER: Elemental:blood or water (LP Misionless days) (Trouble unlimited/Resonant 2002)

KHAYA: This is the most sad song (LP Avoidance) (SL records.2001)

KHONNOR: An ape is loose (LP Handwriting) (2004.Type)

KIDS NEAR WATER: And the horse you rode in on (LP ¡Hey Zeus!) (Firefly.2002)

KILLING JOKE: Réquiem (LP Killing Joke) (EG records/Virgin.1980)

KILL SADIE: The Ivy League donors (prescription epidemic) (LP Experiments in expectation) (Dim Mak.2003)

KILOWATTHOURS: Almost airtight (LP The bright side) (Temporary residence.2001)

KING CREOSOTE: My favourite girl (LP KC rules ok) (Names/679.2006)

KINGMAKER: Really scrape the sky (LP Eat yourself whole) (Chrysalis.1992)

THE KINGSBURY MANX: Pageant square (LP ST) (Overcoat.2000)

KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION: Breathing fear (LP The death of cool) (1992.One little indian)

KNIEVEL: Who's on my side (LP The name rings a bell that drowns out your voice) (Architecture/Laughing Outlaw.2000)

KRAFTWERK: The model (MLP The man machine) (Kling klang.1978)


LABRADFORD: Mid-range (LP Labradford) (Kranky.1996)

LAETO: Histography (LP Make us mild) (Guided missile records.2000)

LAIKA: Marimba song (LP Silver apples of the moon) (Too Pure.1994)

L'ALTRA: Certainty (LP In the afternoon) (Aesthetics.2002)

LAMBCHOP: My blue wave (LP Is a woman) (Merge/City Slang.2002)

THE LAND OF NOD: Change of mind (LP Inducing the sleep sphere) (Ochre records.2002)

THE LAPSE: Buffet (LP Heaven ain't happenin) (Southern records.2000)

LAPSUS LINGUAE: Olestra (there’s only one drinking fountain in heaven) (LP You got me fraiche) (Fierce Panda.2002)

THE LA'S: Timeless melody (LP The La's) (Go discs.1990)

LAURIE ANDERSON: O Superman (LP Big Science) (Warner.1982)

LEATHERFACE: Skin deep (LP Minx) (Roughneck.1993)

LEAVING ROUGE: Thank you birds (LP ST) (Down Peninsula Audio.2003)

LEMONHEADS: Rudderless (LP It's a shame about Ray) (Atlantic.1992)

LES SAVY FAV: The orchard (LP The cat and the cobra) (Southern.1999)

LET'S ACTIVE: Every dog has his day (LP Every dog has his day) (IRS.1988)

LEVITATION: Smile (LP Need for not) (1992.Rough trade)

LIARS: Grown men don't fall in the river just like that (LP They threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top) (Blast first/Mute.2002)

LIFE IN BED: My secret crutch (EP Exercises for translation) (Polar recordings.2005)

LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS: Juno (LP Any other city) (Tugboat.2000)

LIFT TO EXPERIENCE: Waiting to hit (LP The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads) (Bella Union records.2001)

LIGAMENT: Live and let lig (LP Halfways between San Juan & Mendoza) (Kitty Kitty corporation.1999)

LIGHT A BIG FIRE: The boom-boom room (MLP Gunpowder) (Static.1985)

THE LILAC TIME: Black velvet (LP ST) (Fontana.1988)

THE LILYS: Returns every morning (LP Better can't make your life better) (Che/Coalition.1998)

LIZ PHAIR: Explain it to me (LP Exile in guyville) (Matador.1993)

LLAMA FARMERS: Big wheels (LP Dead letter chorus) (Beggars Banquet.1999)

LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS: Charlotte street (LP Rattlesnakes) (Polydor.1984)

THE LOFT: Up the hill and down the slope (SG) (Creation.1985)

LOGH: In cold blood (LP Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings) (Bad Taste.2002)

LONG FIN KILLIE: Cupid (LP Valentino) (Too Pure.1996)

LOOMIS: Super toe (LP You're no tiger meow meow meow) (Grass records.1996)

LOOP: Too real to feel (LP Heaven’s end) (Mute.1987)

LOST LOVED ONES: This hopeless pride (LP Outcast) (1985.Epic/CBS)

LOTION: Dalmacia 007 (LP Nobody's cool) (Big cat.1996)

LOU BARLOW: Legendary (LP Emoh) (Merge.2005)

THE LOUD FAMILY: Jimmy still comes around (LP Plants and birds and rocks and things) (Alias.1993)

LOVE & ROCKETS: Rain bird (LP Earth, sun, moon) (Beggars Banquet.1987)

LOVE AS LAUGHTER: Stay out of jail (LP Destination 2000) (Sub pop.1999)

LOW: Sunflower (LP Things we lost in the fire) (Tugboat records.2001)

LOWGOLD: Beauty dies young (LP Just backward of square) (Nude records.2001)

LOW SKIES: Palmyra (LP The bed) (Flameshovel.2003)

THE LUCY SHOW: Sun and moon (LP Mania) (Big time records.1987)

LUNA: Slide (LP Lunapark) (Elektra.1992)

LUSH: De-luxe (LP Gala) (4AD.1990)


MACROCOSMICA: Byne (MLP Ad astra) (God bless.1997)

MAD ACTION: Wheel (LP Teac attack) (Polydor.2003)

THE MAD TURKS: Tempers fire (LP Toast) (Festival records.1989)

MAGAZINE: The light pours out of me (LP Real life) (Virgin.1978)

MAGNA POP: Slowly, slowly (LP Hot boxing) (Play it again Sam.1994)

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS: Smoke & mirrors (LP Get lost) (Merge.1995)

THE MAGNOLIAS: When I'm not (LP Off the hook) (Alias records.1992)

MAGOO: East polar opposite can dream (LP Realist week) (Global warming.2001)

MANITOBA: Every time she turns round it’s her birthday (LP Up in flames) (Domino/Leaf.2003)

THE MARCH VIOLETS: Walk into the sun (SG) (1985.Rebirth records)

MARINE GIRLS: Second sight (LP Lazy ways) (1983.Cherry red records)

MARK LANEGAN: Bell black ocean (LP Scraps at midgnight) (Sub pop.1998)

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS: Hide & seek (LP Metro music) (Dindisc.1980)

MARTIN FINKE: Bargain song (LP Let it ring) (Mango music.2001)

MARY MARGARET O’HARA: Help me lift you up (LP Miss America) (Virgin.1988)

MATES OF STATE: Open book (LP Team Boo) (Polyvinyl records.2003)

MATTHEW SWEET: Divine intervention (LP Girlfriend) (Zoo.1991)

MAX RICHTER: Arbenita (11 years) (LP Memoryhouse) (2002.Late junction)

MAZARIN: What sees the sky? (LP A tall-tale storyline) (Spin art/Rocket girl.2001)

MAZZY STAR: Five string serenade (LP So tonight that I might see) (Capitol.1993)

MCCARTHY: The well of loneliness (LP I am a wallet) (Midnight music.1987)

MCLUSKY: To hell with good intentions (Mclusky do dallas) (Too Pure.2002)

MEGA CITY FOUR: Severe attack of the truth (LP Tranzophobia) (1989.Vinyl solution/Decoy)

MEANWHILE, BACK IN COMMUNIST RUSSIA: Chinese lantern (LP My elixir, my poison) (Truck records.2002)

MEDIUM 21: Junctions in our sleep (LP Killings from the dial) (Temptation.2003)

MERCURY REV: Frittering (LP Yerself is steam) (Mint films/Jungle records/Chrysalis.1991)

MERCURY TILT SWITCH: Tall trees (LP Brundle kid) (Pet Piranha./1970 recordings.2002)

METAL HEARTS: Gentleman's spell (LP Socialize) (Suicide Squeeze.2006)

MEXICAN PETS: Supermarket (LP Humbucker) (Blunt records.1997)

MICRODISNEY: Loftholdingswood (EP In the world) (Rough trade.1985)

THE MICROPHONES: I want wind to blow (LP The Glow Pt. 2) (2001.K records)

MIDGET: Silly little rich cow (LP Alco-pop!) (Radar.1997)

MIDLAKE: Some of them were superstitious (LP Bamnan & slivercork) (Bella Union.2004)

MIDWAY STILL: Better than before (LP Dial square) (Roughneck/Fire.1992)

THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS: Like an angel (LP Happy head) (1986.Chrysalis)

MILEMARKER: The banner to the sick (MLP Satanic versus) (Jade tree.2002)

MILF: Punch (LP Ha ha bus) (Big deal.1994)

MILLION DEAD: Hipsterclad and clueless (SG.Smiling at strangers on trains) (Xtramile.2002)

MILLTOWN BROTHERS: Which way should I jump? (LP Slinky) (A&M.1991)

MINERAL: Unfinished (LP EndSerenading) (Crank.1999)

MINT 400: Natterjack Joe (LP Intercomfort) (Hipster.1996)

MIRACLE LEGION: And then? (LP Me & Mr. Ray) (1989.Rough Trade)

MISS BLACK AMERICA: Infinite chinese box (LP God bless Miss Black America) (Integrity records.2003)

MISSION OF BURMA: Trem two (LP Vs.) (Rykodisc.1982)

THE MOCK TURTLES: Can you dig it? (LP Turtle soup) (Imaginary records.1990)

MODERN ENGLISH: Someone's calling (LP After the snow) (4AD.1982)

MODEST MOUSE: Convenient parking (LP The lonesome crowded west) (Up records/Matador.1997)

MOGWAI: Helicon 1 (LP Ten rapid) (Jetset records.1997)

MO-HO-BISH-OPI: Drop jaw (LP Vague us) (V2.2001)

MONO: Human highway (LP Under the pipal tree) (Tzadik.2001)

THE MONOCHROME SET: He’s Frank (SG) (Rough Trade.1979)

MONOGRAPH: Finding new rest for the ghosts (LP Lorelei) (Shinkansen.1999)

THE MONORCHID: Beard of bees (LP Who put out the fire?) (Touch & Go.1998)

MONROE MUSTANG: Bottlerocket (LP The Elephant sound) (Jagjaguwar.1999)

MONSTERLAND: Lobsterhead (LP Destroy what you love) (1993.Seed records)

MOOD SIX: The perfect life (LP A matter of...) (Cherry red.1986)

MOOSE: Don’t bring me down (LP XYZ) (Hut.1992)

MORPHINE: All wrong (LP Cure for pain) (Rykodisc.1993)

THE MOST SECRET METHOD: Hesitation (LP Get lovely) (Slowdime.1998)

MOVIETONE: Hydra (LP The blossom filled streets) (Domino.2000)

MOVING TARGETS: The other side (LP Burning in water) (Taang.1986)

MUDHONEY: Touch me, I'm sick (SG) (Sub pop.1988)

MY BLOODY VALENTINE: Feed me with your kiss (LP Isn't anything) (1988.Creation)

MY MORNING JACKET: The way that he sings (LP At dawn) (Darla.2001)

MYRACLE BRAH: Isn't it a crime? (LP Plate spinner) (Rainbow quartz.1999)

MY VITRIOL: Always your way (LP Finelines) (Infectious.2001)


NAD NAVILLUS: What is hers to take tonight (LP Iron night) (Jagjaguwar.2002)

NAMELESSNUMBERHEADMAN: Full & Frayed (LP Your voice repeating) (Record Machine.2004)

NATION OF ULYSSES: Last train to cool (LP Plays pretty for baby) (Dischord.1992)

THE NATIONAL: All the wine (MLP Cherry tree) (Brassland.2004)

NATIVE NOD: Tangled (LP Today puberty, tomorrow the world) (Gern Blandsten.1996)

NAVIES: An estate (EP An estate) (Lovitt.2005)

THE NEATS: Tonight (EP The monkey's head in the corner of the room) (Ace of heart.1982)

THE NECTARINE No.9: Constellations of a vanity (LP Received transgressed & transmitted) (2001.Creeping bent)

THE NERVES: Paper dolls (LP One way ticket.Compilation) (Alive records.2008)

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL: Oh Comely (LP In the aeroplane over the sea) (1998.Merge)

NEW END ORIGINAL: Better than ever (LP Thriller) (Jade tree.2001)

NEW IDEA SOCIETY: Part II: the world is bright and lonely (LP The world is bright and lonely) (Exotic fever.2007)

NEW MUSIK: Kingdoms for horses (LP Warp) (1982.Epic)

NEW ORDER: Dreams never end (LP Movement) (1981.Factory)

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS: Use it (LP Twin Cinema) (Matador.2005)

NEW RADIANT STORM KING: Bombs & broccoli (LP Winter's kill) (Rainbow Quartz.2002)

THE NEW YEAR: Reconstruction (LP Newness ends) (Touch and go.2001)

NICK DRAKE: Cello song (LP Five leaves left) (Island.1969)

NICK GILDER: Wild ones (feeling electric) (LP Rock America) (Casablanca records & filmworks.1980)

THE NIGHTBLOOMS: Never dream at all (LP 24 days at catastrophe café) (Fire records.1993)

90 DAY MEN: I've got designs on you (LP To everybody)(Southern.2001)

NINA NASTASIA: Ocean (LP The blackened air) (Touch & go.2002)

NIRVANA: Stay away (LP Nevermind) (Geffen.1991)

THE NIVENS: Play blue (LP Shake) (1989)

NOSFERATU D2: Springsteen (LP We’re gonna walk around this city with our headphones on to block out the noise.Compilation) (Audio antihero.2009)

THE NOTWIST: Neon Golden (LP Neon Golden) (2002.City Slang)

NOVAK: Fruit cooler (LP ST) (Kitty kitty corporation.1999)

NOVA MOB: Old empire (LP Nova mob) (Rough Trade/World service.1994)

NUMBER ONE CUP: Ice melts around my battery (LP People why are we fighting?) (Flydaddy/Cooking Vinyl records.1999)

NUN OF THE ABOVE: Ikea (MLP Nun) (2004.Selfreleased)

NYACK: Savage smile (LP 11 track player) (The Echo Label.1995)


ODEON BEATCLUB: Being realistic (SG) (Selfreleased.2002)

THE OEDIPUS: Principles run in straight lines (MLP Blueprint for ruins) (Bad music.2001)

OKKERVIL RIVER: In a radio song (LP Black sheep boy) (Jagjaguwar.2005)

THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL: Holiday surprise 1,2,3 (LP Dusk at cubic castle) (Flydaddy.1996)

ONCE WE WERE: And then he said goodbye (LP Winter kept us warm) (Tenderversion.2004)

THE ONLY ONES: Miles from nowhere (LP Even serpents shine) (1979.Sony)

ORANGE JUICE: Falling & laughing (LP You can't hide your love forever) (Polydor.1982)

ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Statues (LP Organisation) (Virgin.1980)

THE ORCHIDS: Me and the black and white dream (LP Unholy soul) (Sarah.1991)

OTHER PASSENGERS: In the belly (EP Is it nothing to you, all those who pass by?) (Sister records.2004)

OVAHEAD: It's not the falling, it's the landing (LP Aperfectviewofeverybodyelse) (Do-little.1999)

OXES: Panda Strong (LP ST) (2000.Monitor)

OXFORD COLLAPSE: The tribal rites of the new Saturday night (LP Some wilderness) (Kanine records.2004)


PALACE MUSIC: New partner (LP Viva last blues) (Domino.1995)

PALAXY TRACKS: Dead language (LP Twelve rooms) (Peek-a-boo records.2005)

PALE FOUNTAINS: There's always something in my mind (LP Pacific street) (Virgin.1983)

PALE SAINTS: Sight of you (LP The comforts of madness) (4AD.1990)

PAPA M: Arundel (LP Live from a shark cage) (Domino/Drag City.1999)

PAPAS FRITAS: Passion play (LP ST) (Minty fresh.1995)

THE PAPER CHASE: Now, we just slowly circle the draining fish bowl (LP God bless your black heart) (Kill rock stars.2004)

THE PARACHUTE MEN: The innocents (LP The Innocents) (1988.Fire records)

PARLOUR: Stipendiax (LP Octopus off broadway) (Temporary residence.2002)

PART CHIMP: 30 Billion people (LP I am sound) (Rock action.2005)

THE PASTELS: The viaduct (LP Illumination) (Domino rec.co.1997)

PATTERN IS MOVEMENT: Gunsmith (LP The impossibility of longing) (Noreaster failed industries.2004)

PAUL NEWMAN: Eight day wait (LP Machine is not broken) (My Pal God.2000)

PAVEMENT: Trigger cut (LP Slanted and enchanted) (Big Cat.1991)

PEACE BURIAL AT SEA: Necronomicon (LP This is such a quiet town) (2004.Mekong delta)

THE PECADILOES: Peace & quiet (LP Caught on Venus) (AM.1998)

PEDRO THE LION: A mind of her own (LP Winners never quit) (Jade tree records.2000)

PELÉ: Hot air balloon ride (LP Teaching the history of teaching geography) (The Rosewood Union.1998)

PENFOLD: June (LP Amateurs & professionals) (Miligram.1998)

PENTHOUSE: Face down (LP Gutter Erotica) (World domination.1997)

PERE UBU: Non alignment pact (LP The modern dance) (Blank records.1978)

THE PERFECT DISASTER: Call it a day (LP Asylum road) (Fire records.1988)

THE PERNICE BROTHERS: Flaming wreck (LP The world won’t end) (Ashmont.2001)

PHIL SEYMOUR: Baby it’s you (LP ST) (Boardwalk.1980)

PHOTON BAND: Anything for you (LP All young in the soul) (Darla records.1999)

PIANO MAGIC: Crown estate (LP Low birth weight) (Rocket girl.2002)

PILOTCAN: Anakin (LP Socially inept disco) (Evol records.1997)

PINBACK: Tripoli (LP This is a pinback) (Cutty shark records.1999)

PINEBENDER: Begin here (LP The high price of living too long with a single dream) (Lovitt.2003)

PINEHURST KIDS: Viewmaster (LP Viewmaster) (1999.Four alarm records)

THE PIXIES: Debaser (LP Doolittle) (4AD.1989)

P J HARVEY: Long snake moan (LP To bring you my love) (Island.1995)

LOS PLANETOS DEL AGUA: We celebrate the absence of physics (LP Too many bricks and not enough sea) (Antenna records.2001)

PLANQUEZ: Snowden (LP Protect me from failure) (Failure records.2003)

PLAY DEAD: Time (LP The first flower) (1983.Jungle records)

THE PLAYWRIGHTS: Sleepwalking report (LP Good beneath the radar) (Sink & Stove.2003)

THE PLIMSOULS: Now (LP The Plimsouls) (Planet records/Elektra.1981)

POLAK: Last orders (LP 3 by 3) (The Generic Label)

THE POLICE: Truth hits everybody (LP Outlandos d'Amour) (1978.AM records)

POLVO: Fractured (like chandeliers) (MLP Celebrate the new dark age) (Merge.1994)

POND: Happy cow farm family (LP The practice of joy before death) (Sub pop.1995)

POOLE: Strawberry kool-aid smile (LP Alaska days) (Spinart.1995)

THE POP GROUP: We are time (LP Y) (1979.Radar)

THE POPGUNS: Landslide (LP Eugenie) (Midnight music.1990)

POPSICLE: Step inside my mind (LP Abstinence) (Telegram records.1994)

PORT-ROYAL: Spetsnaz/Paul Leni (LP Flares) (Resonant.2005)

THE POSIES: Solar sister (LP Frosting on the beater) (Geffen.1993)

THE POSTAL SERVICE: The district sleeps alone tonight (LP Give up) (Sub pop.2003)

POSTER CHILDREN: Space gun (LP Daisychain reaction) (Sire.1992)

POWER OF DREAMS 100 ways to kill a love (LP Inmigrants, emigrants and me) (Polydor.1990)

PRAM: Earthing and protection (LP Sargasso sea) (Too Pure.1995)

PREFAB SPROUT: Here on the eerie (LP Swoon) (Kitchenware.1984)

THE PRETENDERS: The wait (LP Selftitled) (Real records.1979)

PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES: Speakers push the air (LP Good health) (Lookout.2002)

PRIMAL SCREAM: Gentle Tuesday (LP Sonic flower groove) (Elevation.1987)

PROLAPSE: Black death ambulance (LP Pointless walks to dismal places) (1994.Cherry red)

THE PROMISE RING: Why did ever we meet (LP Nothing feels good) (Jade Tree.1997)

THE PROSAICS: Teeth (EP Aghast Agape) (Dim mak records.2004)

THE PRUDES: Peace is milk (LP Designer Karma) (Imaginary.1992)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD: No birds (LP Metal box) (Virgin.1979)

PURE MORNING: Dinky (LP Two inch helium buddha) (Radarscope.1998)

PURPLENE: Early bird trouble (LP Runing it for everybody) (Quietly suburban.2001)

THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS: Pretty in pink (LP Talk, talk, talk) (1981.CBS)

PYLON: Feast on my heart (LP Gyrate) (1980.DB records)


Q & NOT U: We heart our hive (LP No kill no beep beep) (Dischord.2000)

QUASI: It's hard to turn me on (LP Featuring birds) (Up/Domino.1998)

QUICKSPACE: They shoot horses don't they (LP The death of Quickspace) (The kitty kitty corporation.2000)

THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM: March into the sweater apocalypse & find your own warmth (EP ST) (In it for the money)


RACHEL’S: Lloyd’s register (LP The sea & the bells) (Quarterstick.1996)

RADAR BROS: Distant mine (LP ST) (Restless.1996)

RADIAL SPANGLE: New dress (LP Syrup macramé) (Beggars Banquet.1994)

RAIN PARADE: This can't be today (LP Emergency third rail power trip) (Engine.1983)

RAISED BY SWANS: Violet light (LP Codes and secret longing) (Selfreleased.2005)

THE RAKES: Strasbourg (LP Capture/Release) (V2.2005)

THE RAW HERBS: Don’t bury me yet (EP Don’t bury me yet) (Medium Cool.1987)

RAZORCUTS: First day (SG.I heard you for the first time) (Flying nun.1987)

READ YELLOW: Model America (LP Radios burn faster) (Fenway recordings.2003)

REBECCA GATES: I received a levitation (MLP Ruby series) (Barman rec.co.2001)

THE RECORDS: Starry eyes (LP The Records) (Virgin.1979)

THE RECTIFIERS: This peace between us (LP Wear the weight of the resting sky) (Inertia/Sensory Projects.2003)

RED ANIMAL WAR: When fat pigs fly (LP Black phantom crusades) (Deep elm.2002)

REDD KROSS: Where I am today (LP Third eye) (Atlantic.1990)

RED GUITARS: Cloak & Dagger (LP Slow to fade) (Self drive records/Rough Trade.1985)

RED HOUSE PAINTERS: San Geronimo (LP Ocean beach) (4AD.1995)

REDJETSON: The sky is breaking (LP New general catalogue) (Drowned in sound.2004)

RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY: Chance (SG) (Red Rhino.1985)

RED RED MEAT: Carpet of horses (LP Bunny gets paid) (Sub pop.1995)

REDSAYNO: Open spaces nothing holy (LP ST) (2004.Teargas recording tree)

THE REINDEER SECTION: If there is I haven't found it yet (LP Y'all get scared, now, ya hear) (Bright star recordings.2001)

REM: Seven chinese brothers (LP Reckoning) (IRS.1984)

REMORA: Weakness-Strength (LP Enamored) (Silber records.2005)

THE REMOTE VIEWER: They’re closing down the shop (LP Let your heart draw a line) (Cite centre offices.2005)

THE REPLACEMENTS: Unsatisfied (LP Let it be) (Twin tone.1984)

RETISONIC: Give up (LP Return to me) (2004.Silverthree sound recordings)

REVELINO: Hello (LP ST) (Dirt records.1994)

REVOLVER: Heaven sent an angel (LP Baby’s angry) (Hut records.1992)

REYNOLDS: This flat land (LP Field recordings) (Gringo records.2000)

RICH KIDS: Ghosts of princes in towers (LP Ghosts of princes in towers) (EMI.1978)

RIDDLE OF STEEL: The selection effect (LP Python) (Ascetic.2003)

RIDE: Vapour trail (LP Nowhere) (Creation.1990)

RIPE: Something fierce (LP The plastic hassle) (Beggars Banquet.1994)

RITES OF SPRING: Other way around (LP ST) (Dischord.1985)

RIVAL SCHOOLS: Used for glue (LP United by fate) (Island.2001)

ROADSIDE MONUMENT: Apartment over the peninsula (LP Eight hours away from being a man) (Tooth & Nail.1997)

ROBYN HITCHCOK & THE EGYPTIANS: She doesn't exist anymore (LP Perspex Island) (A&M.1991)

THE ROCK OF TRAVOLTA: The Body Is Still There But The Mind Is Gone (LP My band's better than yours) (2001.Juggernaut)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT: Short lip fuser (LP Circa: now!) (Headhunter.1992)

RODAN: The everyday world of bodies (Rusty) (Quarterstick.1994)

ROGUE WAVE: Publish my love (LP Descended like vultures) (Sub pop.2005)

ROLLERSKATE SKINNY: Speed to my side (LP Horsedrawn wishes) (Warner.1996)

ROONEY: Faded (LP On fading out) (Common culture records.1999)

THE ROSE OF AVALANCHE: L.A rain (LP First avalanche) (1985.Leeds independent label)

ROTHKO: Roads become rivers (LP A negative for Francis) (1999.Lo recordings)

ROXY MUSIC: Re-make/Re-model (LP ST) (1972.Virgin)

RUEFREX: The wild colonial boy (LP Flowers for all occasions) (Kasper.1985)

RUMAH SAKIT: Scott & Jeremiah (LP Selftitled) (Temporary residence.2000)

RYE COALITION: Thanksgiving day for cats (LP The lipstick game) (Gern Blandsten.1999)


SAD LOVERS & GIANTS: Imagination (LP Feeding the flame) (1983.Cherry red)

THE SAINTS: Let's pretend (LP Monkey puzzle) (New rose records.1981)

THE SAMURAI SEVEN: What have I said now? (LP Le Sport) (Rotator.2002)

SAN LORENZO: Sports biscuits (LP The sea is a map) (Bearos.2001)

SAXON SHORE: Isolated by the secrets of your fellow men (LP The exquisite death of Saxon Shore) (2005.Burn toast vinyl)

SCARCE: All sideways (LP Deadsexy)(A & M records.1995)

SCARFO: Eyesore (MLP Scarfo) (Deceptive.1995)

SCARS: All about you (LP Author! Author!) (Charisma.1981)

THE SCIENTISTS: We had love (SG) (1983.Au go go)

SCOUT NIBLETT: Good to me (LP Kidnapped by neptune) (Too pure.2005)

SCRAPS OF TAPE: Wright is wrong (LP Read between the lines at all times) (Tenderversion.2004)

SCREAMFEEDER: Explode your friends (LP Kitten licks) (1996.Time bomb)

SCREAMING TREES: Bed of roses (LP Uncle Anesthesia) (Epic.1991)

SCRITTI POLITTI: The sweetest girl (LP Songs to remember) (1982.Virgin)

SCUD MOUNTAIN BOYS: Big hole (LP Massachussets) (Sub pop.1996)

SEA RAY: Revelry (LP Stars at noon) (2003.Self-starter foundation)

THE SEA URCHINS: A morning odyssey (LP Stardust) (Sarah.1992)

SEACHANGE: Anglokana (LP Lay of the land) (Matador.2004)

SEAFOOD: Dig (LP Messenger in the camp) (Fierce Panda.1998)

SEAM: Stage 2000 (LP The problem with me) (1993.Touch and go/Quarterstick/City slang.)

SEBADOH: Not too amused (LP Bakesale) (Sub pop.1994)

SECRET MACHINES: Now here is nowhere (LP Now here is nowhere) (Reprise.2004)

SECRET SHINE: Suck me down (LP Untouched) (1993.Sarah)

SEEFEEL: Plainsong (LP Quique) (Too Pure.1993)

SENSELESS THINGS: Best friend (LP The first of too many) (1991.Epic)

SERAFIN: Sage waits (EP ST) (Taste media.2002)

SERENE: Beggars of the sea (LP ST) (Arena rock rec.co.2002)

SEX PISTOLS: Problems (LP Never mind the bollocks) (Virgin.1977)

SHARKS KEEP MOVING: Open bay (LP ST) (Status recordings.1999)

THE SHAZAM: Super Tuesday (LP Godspeed The Shazam) (1999.Not lame recordings)

SHELLAC: This is a picture (LP Terraform) (Touch & go.1998)

SHINER: The egg (LP The egg) (Desoto.2001)

THE SHINS: Caring is creepy (LP Oh inverted world) (Sub pop.2001)

SHIPPING NEWS: Paper lanterns (zero return) (LP Flies the fields) (Quarterstick.2005)

THE SHOES: Somebody has what I had (LP Present tense) (Elektra/Warner 1979)

THE SHOP ASSISTANTS: Train from Kansas City (LP Will anything happen) (Blue guitar.1986)

SHORE LEAVE: Drift away (LP ST) (Surly.2005)

SHUDDER TO THINK: Pebbles (LP Get our goat) (Dischord.1992)

THE SHY REPTILES: Sunblind (LP Selftitled) (Fontana/Phonogram.1989)

SIGUR RÓS: Svefn g-englar (LP Ágaetis byrjun) (Fatcat.2000)

THE SILOS: All falls away (LP Cuba) (1987.Dualtone)

SILVER JEWS: Send in the clouds (LP American water) (Drag city.1998)

SIMIAN: Drop and roll (LP Chemistry is what we are) (Source.2001)

SIMPLE MINDS: I travel (LP Empires and dance) (Arista.1980)

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES: Christine (LP Once upon a time/The singles) (Polydor.1981)

THE SISTERS OF MERCY: Black planet (LP First and last and always) (WEA.1985)

SIX BY SEVEN: Brilliantly cute (LP The things we make) (1998.Mantra recordings)

SKILL 7 STAMINA 12: Spirit of the age (LP Robotics with strings) (Junior Aspirin.2004)

SLEATER-KINNEY: Combat rock (LP One beat) (Kill rock stars.2002)

THE SLEEPY JACKSON: Miniskirt (LP Lovers) (EMI.2003)

SLEEPYTIME TRIO: Butter scaryflies (LP Memory-Minus) (Lovitt.1998)

SLINT: Good morning captain (LP Spiderland) (Touch & Go records.1991)

SLOAN: Underwhelmed (LP Smeared) (Geffen.1993)

SLOW CHILDREN: Home life (LP Selftitled) (Ensign.1981)

SLOWDIVE: When the sun hits (LP Souvlaki) (Creation.1993)

SLOWRIDE: Track 13 (LP Building a building) (Deep elm.2003)

SMALL BROWN BIKE: What’s missing is dead (LP The river bed) (Lookout.2003)

SMALL FACTORY: For when you can not land (LP For if you can not fly) (Vernon Yard.1994)

THE SMITHEREENS: Blood & roses (LP Especially for you) (Enigma.1986)

THE SMITHS: You've got everything now (LP The Smiths) (Rough Trade.1984)

SMOG: To be of use (LP Red apple falls) (Domino.1997)

THE SNAKE CORPS: Calling you (LP More than the ocean) (Midnight.1990)

THE SNEETCHES: Fifty four hours (LP 1985-1991) (Alias.1992)

SNOWDEN: Victim card (LP Anti-Anti) (Jade tree.2006)

SNOWPONY: Crumpled 10 (LP Sea shanties for spaceships) (Dead pan alley.2001)

SODASTREAM: Wedding day (LP Looks like a russian) (Tugboat.2000)

SOFT CELL: Bedsitter (LP Non-stop erotic cabaret) (1981.Some bizarre)

SOLEX: Hot diggitydog run run run (LP The laughing stock of indie rock) (Discmeister/Arena rock rec.2004)

SOME VELVET SIDEWALK: Geological (LP Whirpool) (1993.K records)

THE SOMELOVES: Girl soul (LP Something or other) (1989.Mushroom)

SOMETHING HAPPENS: Hello (Petrol) (LP Stuck together with God's glue) (Virgin.1990)

THE SONAR YEN: Decisions=regrets (LP Slow picture) (Soviet Union records.2004)

SONGS:OHIA: Come back to your man (LP Axxes & Ace) (Secretly Canadian.1999)

SONIC YOUTH: Teen age riot (LP Daydream nation) (Geffen.1988)

SOPHIA: Woman (LP The infinite circle) (The flower shop recordings.1998)

SOULBOSSA: Cat man do (LP Love amongs the stars) (Dishy.1999)

SOUL COUGHING: True dreams of Wichita (LP Ruby vroom) (1994.Slash)

THE SOUND: Sense of purpose (LP From the lion's mouth) (1981.Korova recordings)

(THE SOUNDS) OF KALEIDOSCOPE: Because I am haunted (LP From where you were to how you get there) (Hakshop.2006)

SOUVARIS: Art as survival/survival as art (LP I felt nothing at all) (Bearos.2004)

SPACEMEN 3: Revolution (LP Playing with fire) (Fire records.1989)

SPAIN: Untitled #1 (LP The blue moods of Spain) (1995.Restless)

SPARE SNARE: Bugs (LP Live at home) (Chute records.1995)

SPARKLEHORSE: Weird sisters (LP Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot) (Capitol/Parlophone.1995)

SPARTA: Glasshouse tarot (LP Wiretap scars) (Dreamworks.2002)

THE SPECIALS: Ghost town (SG) (2tone.1981)

SPECTRUM: How you satisfy me (LP Soul kiss glide divine) (Silvertone.1992)

SPEEDER: Hey what do I know (LP Karma kids) (Creeping bent.2000)

THE SPINANES: Epiphany (LP Manos) (Sub pop.1993)

SPIREA X: Chlorine dream (LP Fireblade skies) (4AD.1991)

SPIRITUALIZED: Electricity (LP Ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space) (1997.Dedicated)

SPOON: Believing is art (LP Girls can tell) (12XU records.2001)

SPRAYDOG: Leem luvs woffil (LP Citrus bitumen) (Ferric Mordant.1998)

SPUTNIKS DOWN: Atonement (LP Much was decided before you were born) (Human condition.2001)

SQUEEZE: Another nail in my heart (LP Argy Bargy) (AM.1980)

THE STANDARD: Bells to the boxer (LP August) (Touch & go records.2002)

STAPLETON: Learning archery (LP Rebuild the pier) (Year 3 thousand.2000)

STARMARKET: Don’t fear the dark ends (LP Abandon time) (Strange fruit.2004)

STARS LIKE FLEAS: Lump of clay (LP Sun lights down on the fence) (2003.Praemedia)

THE STARS OF HEAVEN: Sacred heart hotel (LP Sacred heart hotel) (Rough trade.1986)

STARS OF THE LID: Requiem for dying mothers, Pt.1 (LP The tired sounds of…) (Kranky.2001)

STATISTICS: No promises (LP Often lie) (Jade Tree.2005)

THE STELLA LINK: Behold/the hornless unicorn (LP Mystic jaguar, attack) (Ascetic.2004)

THE STEMS: Running around (LPAt first sight violets are blue) (White label.1987)

STEREOLAB: Crest (LP Transient random-noise burst with announcements) (Elektra.1993)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: Alternative Ulster (LP Inflammable material) (Restless.1979)

ST. JOHNNY: A car or a boy? (LP Speed is dreaming) (1994.Geffen)

THE STONE ROSES: Waterfall (LP The Stone Roses) (1989.Silvertone)

STONY SLEEP: The wasteland (LP Music for chameleons) (Big cat.1996)

THE STRANGE DEATH OF LIBERAL ENGLAND: Modern folk song (LP Forward March) (Fantastic Plastic.2007)

STRANGELOVE: I will burn (LP Time for the rest of your life) (Food.1994)

THE STRANGLERS: Something better change (SG) (AM.1977)

THE STROKES: Hard to explain (LP Is this it?) (RCA.2001)

THE STRUGGLERS: I tried to repair (LP You win) (Acuarela.2005)

SUBAQWA: Ricetones (LP Chalk circle) (Faith & hope.1999)

SUCKLE: Honey suicide (LP Against nurture) (Chemikal underground.2000)

SUFJAN STEVENS: All the trees of the field will clap their hands (LP Seven swans) (Rough Trade.2004)

SUGAR: Changes (LP Copper blue) (1992.Creation)

THE SUGARCUBES: Birthday (LP Life's too good) (1988.One little indian)

SUICIDE: Frankie teardrop (LP Suicide) (Red star.1978)

THE SUNDAYS: Hideous towns (LP Reading, writing & arithmetic) (RoughTrade.1990)

SUNDAY'S BEST: When is Pearl Harbour day (LP Poised to break) (Polyvinyl.2000)

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE: In circles (LP Diary) (1994.Subpop)

SUPERDRAG: Load (LP The fabulous 8-track sound of Superdrag) (Darla.1995)

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS: If you don't want me to destroy you (LP Fuzzy logic) (Creation.1996)

SUPERCHUNK: Throwing things (LP No pocky for kitty) (1991.Matador)

SUPINE TO SIT: Presidential hair (LP Break out your indicator) (Lovitt.2004)

SWANS: Real love (LP Children of God) (1987.Caroline)

SWEARING AT MOTORISTS: The difference between listen and feel (LP More songs from the mellow struggle) (Secretly canadian.2000)

SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY: Las Cruces (LP Tomorrow we will run faster) (Southern.1999)

SWELL: Is that important? (LP 41) (American recordings.1993)

SWELL MAPS: Gunboats (LP A trip to Marineville) (1979.Rather records)

SWERVEDRIVER: Duel (LP Mezcal head) (Creation.1993)

THE SWIRLIES: Vigilant always (LP Blonder tongue audio baton) (Taang.1993)

SYBRIS: Blame it on the baseball (LP Sybris) (Flameshovel.2005)

SYMPOSIUM: The end (LP On the outside) (1998.Infectious)


TALK TALK: Life's what you make it (LP The colour of spring) (EMI/Universal/Island.1986)

TALKING HEADS: Once in a lifetime (LP Remain in light) (Sire.1980)

TAR: Building Taj Mahal (LP Over and out) (Touch and go.1995)

TARANTULA A.D: Opening theme (MLP ST) (Selfreleased.2004)

TARENTEL: The waltz (LP Ephemera/Singles 99-00) (Temporary residence.2002)

TARWATER: Visit (LP Silur) (Kitty-Yo.1998)

THE TEARDROP EXPLODES: Treason (LP Kilimanjaro) (Mercury.1980)

TEARS FOR FEARS: Mad world (LP The hurting) (Mercury.1983)

TEENAGE FANCLUB: Everything flows (LP A catholic education) (1990.Paperhouse records)

THE TELESCOPES: The perfect needle (LP Taste) (What goes on.1989)

TELEVISION: Venus (LP Marquee moon) (1977.Elektra/Asylum/Warner)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES: A picture of Dorian Gray (LP And don’t the kids just love it) (1981.Rough Trade)

TELSTAR PONIES: Last outpost (LP Voices from the new music) (Fire.1996)

THE TENDERFOOT: If you’ve nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all (EP Vale industrial) (Five fifteen records.2004)

TENNER: Last chance (EP Last chance)(2000.EMI)

TENSPEEDRACER: I just don't wanna (LP ST) (Red flag rec.co.2003)

10.000 MANIACS: My mother the war (LP The wishing chair) (Elektra.1984)

THE TERMINALS: Basket case (LP Touch) (Raffmond.1992)

TERRA DIABLO: The smoke (LP ST) (Zuma recordings.2004)

TEXAS IS THE REASON: A jack with one eye (LP Do you know who you are?) (Revelation records.1996)

THAT PETROL EMOTION: Tightlipped (LP Manic pop thrill) (1986.Demon records)

THAT UNCERTAIN FEELING: Brother (LP 500/600) (Dead dead good.1995)

THE THE: Good morning beautiful (LP Mind bomb) (Epic.1989)

THEATRE OF HATE: Original sin (SG) (1980.SS records)

THEE MORE SHALLOWS: The perfect map (LP A history of sport fishing) (2002.Monotreme)

THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES: Drinking from the necks from the ones you love (EP This is meant to hurt you) (Jade tree.2003)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: Ana Ng (LP Lincoln) (Bar none/Restless.1988)

THE THIRD EYE FOUNDATION: Lost (LP Little lost soul) (Merge.2000)

THIS ET AL: The loveliest alarm (LP Baby Machine) (Monotones)

THIS MORTAL COIL: Bitter (LP Blood) (4AD.1991)

THOMAS DOLBY: Europe & the pirate twins (LP The golden age of wireless) (1982.Capitol/Venice in Peril)

THOSE BASTARD SOULS: The last thing I ever wanted was to show up and blow your mind (LP Debt & departure) (V2.1999)

THREE O'CLOCK: Hand in hand (LP Arrive Without Travelling ) (IRS.1985)

THROWING MUSES: Counting backwards (LP The real ramona) (4AD.1991)

TIGER SAW: The goodbye (LP Gimme danger gimme sweetness) (Kimchee records.2004)

TINDERSTICKS: Patchwork (LP Tindersticks) (This way up.1993)

TIRED IRIE: IM Keller (EP ST) (Try harder)

TOM VERLAINE: Song (LP Flash Light) (IRS.1987)

TONES ON TAIL: Lions (LP Pop) (1984.Beggars Banquet)

TRACER AMC: Some electric (LP Flux) (2004.We love records)

TRACKER: Waiting for food (LP Ames) (Film Guerrero 2000)

TRAINDODGE: Bushido (LP The Truth) (Ascetic.2004)

TRAM: Nothing left to say (LP Heavy black frame) (Piao records.1999)

TREEPEOPLE: Lost (LP Guilt regret embarrasment) (1989.K records)

THE TRIFFIDS: Blinder by the hour (LP Calenture) (Mushroom/Island.1987)

TRIPMASTER MONKEY: Albert's twisted memory bank (LP Goodbye race) (1994.Sire/Reprise records)

TRISTEZA: Opiate slopes (LP Dream signals in full circles) (Tigerstyle.2000)

TRUMAN’S WATER: Aroma of Gina Arnold (LP Spasm Smash Xxxoxox Ox and Ass) (Elemental.1993)

TSUNAMI: Loud is as loud does (LP The heart’s tremolo) (Simple machines.1994)

TV ON THE RADIO: Young liars (EP Young liars) (Touch & go.2003)

21 GUN SALUTE: This could be our last goodbye (EP Cracks) (Captains of industry.2004)

THE TYDE: Go ask yer dad (LP Twice) (Rough Trade.2003)


U2: With a shout (LP October) (1981.Island)

ULTRA VIVID SCENE: The mercy seat (LP Ultra vivid scene) (4AD.1989)

ULTRAVOX: Vienna (LP Vienna) (1980.Chrysalis)

UNCLE TUPELO: Gun (LP Still feel gone) (Rockville records.1991)

THE UNDERTONES: You got my number (SG) (Ardeck.1979)

THE UNICORNS: Inoculate the innocuous (LP Who will cut our hair when we’re gonne?) (Alien 8 recordings.2003)

UNION KID: Ground zero (LP Candy falls here) (1970 recordings.2000)

UNREST: Suki (LP Imperial f.f.r.r.) (Teenbeat.1992)

UNWED SAILOR: The quiet hour (LP The faithful anchor) (2001.Lovesick)

UPS & DOWNS: In the shadows (LP Sleepless) (1986.What goes on records)

URUSEI YATSURA: Kernel (LP We are…) (Che records.1996)


VAGUE ANGELS: Le grande haute hell (LP Let’s duke it out at Kilkenny Katz) (Pretty activity.2006)

THE VAN PELT: Do the lovers still meet at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial? (LP Sultans of sentiment) (Gern Blandsten.1999)

VARNALINE: Gulf of Mexico (LP Sweet life) (Zero hour.1998)

VELOCITY GIRL: I can't stop smiling (LP Simpatico!) (Sub pop.1994)

THE VELVET CRUSH: Atmosphere (EP The post-greatness) (1992.Creation)

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: Heroin (LP The Velvet Underground & Nico) (MGM.1967)

VERA CRUISE: The last time Patrick Thistle won (LP Come alone and fall apart) (Loose recordings.2002)

VERBAL: Edgar st. (LP The name we sell now) (Trust me corporation.2005)

THE VERLAINES: Whatever you run into (LP Some disenchanted evening) (Flying nun records.1990)

VERVE: Slide away (LP A storm in heaven) (Hut recordings.1993)

VICTORY AT SEA: Break of day (LP Memories fade) (Gern Blandsten.2004)

VIRGIN PRUNES: Sandpaper Lullabye (LP A new form of beauty) (1981.Mute)

VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE: Just a city (LP Let it bee) (1988.London records)


WAH!: Remember (SG) (Eternal.1982)

THE WAKE: O Pamela (LP Here comes everybody) (Factory.1985)

THE WALKMEN: Wake up (LP Everyone who pretended to like me is gone) (Startime international.2002)

WALL OF VOODOO: Lost weekend (LP Call of the west) (IRS.1982)

WALT MINK: Boots (LP Colossus) (1997.Deep elm)

THE WALTONES: The deepest (LP The deepest) (Medium cool.1988)

THE WANNADIES: Innocent me (LP The Wannadies) (MNW/1990)

THE WARM JETS: Move away (LP Future signs) (1997.This way up/Island)

THE WATERBOYS: This is the sea (LP This is the sea) (Island.1985)

WAXWING: What these hands have grown (LP One for the ride) (2002.Second nature)

THE WAYWARD SOULS: My only friend (LP Painted dreams) (Hybrid.1985)

WE RAGAZZI: I want you 2 love so much I can't stand up (LP The ache) (Self-starter foundation.2002)

THE WEATHER PROPHETS: Almost prayed (SG) (Creation.1986)

THE WEBB BROTHERS: Beyond the biosphere (LP Beyond the biosphere) (Warner.1998)

WEDDING PRESENT: Give my love to Kevin (LP George Best) (Reception.1987)

THE WEREFROGS: Don't slip away (SG) (Ultimate rec.co.1992)

WHEAT: Off the pedestal (LP Hope and Adams) (Sugar free.City Slang.1999)

WHIPPING BOY: Twinkle (LP Heartworm) (Columbia/Sony.1995)

THE WHITE OCTAVE: Devise execute (LP Style no.6312) (Deep elm records.2000)

THE WHO: The kids are alright (LP My generation) (Brunswick.1965)

THE WILD SWANS: Young manhood (LP Bringing home the ashes) (Sire.1988)

WILDERNESS: Marginal over (LP ST) (Jagjaguwar.2005)

WILT: No worries (LP Bastinado) (Mushroom.2000)

THE WINDBREAKERS: Stupid idea (LP Terminal) (Homestead productions.1985)

WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY: Awkwardness (LP The emotional rescue) (Aesthetics.2002)

WINDY & CARL: Lighthouse (LP Drawing of sound) (Blue flea.1996)

THE WIPERS: Romeo (LP Over the edge) (Restless.1983)

WIRE: 12 XU (LP Pink flag) (1977.EMI)

THE WISHNIAKS: Two dannys (LP All dressed up and nowhere to go) (Bloodmoney.1992)

WIVES: Boys club (LP Erect the youth problem) (Cold sweat records.2004)

THE WOLFHOUNDS: Cruelty (LP The essential wolfhounds) (Midnight music 1988)

THE WONDER STUFF: Give give give me more more more (LP The eight legged groove machine) (Polydor.1988)

WOODBINE: Been where you are (LP ST) (Domino re.co.1999)

THE WOODENTOPS: Good thing (LP Giant) (Columbia.1991)

WOODSTAR: Sorry skin (LP Life sparks) (Wet clay.2004)

THE WORKHOUSE: The end of the pier (LP The end of the pier) (Bearos.2003)

WORMHOLE: In my head (LP Chicks dig scars) (Roadrunner.1995)

THE WRENS: Surprise, honeycomb (LP Secaucus) (Grass records.1996)


X IS GREATER THAN Y: In Japan (LP Negative snow) (Fierce Panda.2003)

XMAL DEUTSCHLAND: Eiland (LP Tocsin) (1984.4AD)

XTC: Making plans for Nigel (LP Drums & wires) (Virgin.1979)


YAKUZA: Everyone thinks I'm a dinosaur (LP One nation underawed) (Nova records.2003)

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS: Final day (EP Final day) (Rough Trade.1980)

YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO: Schteeve (LP Ignoto) (Fiction 2004)

YOUTH GROUP: Skeleton jar (LP Skeleton jar) (Ivy League.2004)

YOUTHMOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES: When we won't have to make the freezing scene no more (SG) (Vacuous pop recordings.2004)


ZELIENOPLE: Ship that goes down (LP Sleeper coach) (Loose thread.2004)

THE ZEPHYRS: Stargazer (LP When the sky (Southpaw/PIAS 2001)

ZUMPANO: Behind the beehive (LP Goin’ trough changes) (Sub pop.1996)

ZYKOS: Calliope (LP ST) (Post-parlo)